Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best iPad Apps for ESL Teachers and Students- Overview

Best Ipad Apps for ESL teachers and Students:

*I will update this list weekly, so please bookmark or favorite this post so you can keep up with the best apps for ESL/Language teachers. The Apps in purple are meant primarily for student use but can be used by teachers as well.

Some apps have detailed descriptions if you click the name of the app. Some just have a link to the download. Some apps are similar to others, so you can find which one you like best.
  1. Evernote - so many great uses for this organization app. Click to find out more.
  2. Skitch-  An art/mock-up, photo based app.
  3. Flashcardlet - flashcard app.
  4. CloudOn - MS Office emulator app.
  5. ShowMe - Make narrated lessons with photos, drawings, etc.
  6. DropMind Lite - Make mindmaps for organization of ideas.
  7. MailVu - Free video mail for homework assignments and more.
  8. AppsGoneFree - A daily updated list of free apps.
  9. VoiceThread - Have students narrate a picture or groups of pictures.
  10. Socrative - An online clicker app for use in and out of class.
  11. SlideShark  - Online powerpoint presentation app.
  12. Prezi Viewer - Prezi viewer works with Prezi online presentation software.
  13. ToonTastic - Make narrated cartoons with music and a plot.
  14. Explain Everything - A great screencasting app, click for more details ($2.99).
  15. CamScanner HD - Awesome scanner for on the go scanning of texts, papers, annotate with Note and send to email, course management systems, etc. 
  16. TinyVox - a quick recording/voicemail tool for social media. 
  17. Box - Amazing DropBox like app with great amount of free storage for videos, photos, etc.
  18. TeacherPal - A great app for classroom Management - take photos of students, average grades, etc.
  19. Supiki - Good app for students who want to practice their English, free app with paid additions.
  20. VOA Learner - Good app for student practice on pronunciation and listening.
  21. Youtube - Record student and teacher presentations while saving your iPad memory. Click on the link for instructional video on how to upload videos.
  22. Edmodo - Great app for classroom management. Like Facebook for education.
  23. Educreations - Similar to ShowMe, an audio recording app you draw on. 
  24. Wallpapers HD - Great pics to use in ShowMe, Educreations, ScreenChomp.
  25. ScreenChomp - Similar to ShowMe and Educreations create audio narrated visual lessons.
  26. Doceri - Make screencasts, project iPad onto desktop with software, record lessons, etc.
  27. Clear Speech - (Beginner)Cambridge App that helps students work on pronunciation ($2.99).
  28. Clear Speech -(INtermediate)  Cambridge App that helps students work on pronunciation ($2.99).
  29. Essential Grammar in Use (Beginner)- An app with elementary grammar tests by Cambridge ($4.99).
  30. Essential Grammar in Use (Intermediate)An app with intermediate grammar tests by Cambridge ($4.99).
  31. Essential Grammar in Use (Advanced)An app with advanced grammar tests by Cambridge ($4.99).
  32. Grammar Up(Phrasal Verbs) - Great practice on phrasal verbs ($2.99).
  33. Grammar Up (All Grammar) - A comprehensive grammar app that has over 1800 grammar questions ($4.99).
  34. Phrasal Verbs Machine - Awesome phrasal verb practice for students (Free).
Here is a presentation about iPad apps that I gave at the CELEA annual conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March 29th, 2012. You'll have to click through a few slides before you get to the list of apps. They are in the Green Bubbles. Also, at the end you'll see 10 apps you can use next week.

Do you have any apps to add? Please comment and let me know about any that you use regularly and how you use them!

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