Monday, April 23, 2012

Best iPad Apps for ESL Teachers #7 - MailVu

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Would you like to send video email in one click from your iPad?  Now you can, easily and quickly with MailVu. Making video mail is a two step process with MailVu.  Record video, and send email.  No Youtube uploads or confusing steps to go through. In addition, the video mail is retractable, available on a PC account,  and stored on MailVu account servers, so up to 10 minutes of video can be sent, which is not possible in regular email accounts.

MailVu is a great tool for communcating with students and helping them to improve pronunciation, speaking, and even listening skills. I use it in my Listening and Speaking classes so that I can see as well as hear students' homework.

Below you can see the simplicity of this app. The pic shows the iPhone version, but the iPad is the same.

Here are some quick ideas for MailVu in a listening/speaking context:
  1. Assigning Work: Instead of repeating yourself over and over again in class, just send out a MailVu/post a link to it in your Edmodo/Facebook/Twitter/etc.    
  2. Homework: Students can practice tongue twisters, free speaking, or comprehension responses on MailVu. That way you can see their enunciation as well as hear their speech. 
  3. Collaboration: Students can use MailVu to cooperate and collaborate with each other.
  4. Presentations:  Students can use the press/record/send ease of functionality to prepare, present, share their presentations quickly with others in a different environment than the traditional classroom.
Please comment and let me know what apps are useful to you and check other apps I use below.

  1. Evernote
  2. Skitch
  3. Flashcardlet
  4. CloudOn
  5. ShowMe
  6. DropMind Lite
  7. MailVu
  8. AppsGoneFree
  9. VoiceThread
For an iPad apps presentation, click HERE.


  1. Hi Phil,

    These are great apps! I would also add our Supiki English Conversation App to this list.

    Supiki is a free iOS App that allows ESL students to practice and improve their English conversation skills in an embarrassment-free environment.

    Supiki initiates a conversation, listens and understands what the student says and responds, just like a real person would. Once students complete a conversation they can send a recording of their conversations to instructors via email.

    In order to provide a holistic learning experience, each Supiki unit also includes definitions for common idioms and a fun animation series that chronicles the lives of ESL students in Vancouver, Canada.

    If you are interested here is a link to Supiki's iTunes page:

    Thank you for letting us comment on this post!

  2. I've added Supiki to my general list of useful apps.


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