Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best iPad Apps for ESL Teachers #9 - VoiceThread

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VoiceThread is a great app for ESL teachers because it allows them to upload one or multiple photos/images and have students comment on them using text, telephone, webcam, document upload, and microphone.  It can also allow students to annotate the photo while they are talking and use their webcam to show themselves during commentary. This allows for many positive ways for students to use their English outside of the classroom.

VoiceThreads can be emailed, exported, or embedded to any blog or website. Here a couple quick ways you can use it in your ESL class.

1) For lower levels, pick a picture that relates to a unit you are studying and have students identify objects in the picture.

2) For higher levels, choose a content based picture and ask students to tell you what the people might be thinking in the picture.

3) Ask students to do a storyline by using more than one picture and multiple commentaries. Each student can add to another student's part of the story until all of the pictures are completed.



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