Friday, February 1, 2013

Fakebook, not Facebook, for ESL learners

I came across this great resource a while ago, but just took a closer and though about its ESL implications. It's called Fakebook and can be used by students to "fake" being a famous person and create a fake profile with pics, videos, and other information. This has a lot of cool applications for ESL. If a teacher wanted to assign a celebrity role to each student, then have them comment on each other's profiles, pictures, and videos, it could create a great sense of camaraderie while helping to build grammar, writing, and even typing skills. Below is an example someone did of Celine Dion.

View Fullscreen | Create your own

Click on "Create Your Own" to be taken to the main website. Click on FullScreen to move the ads out of the way on the example. Have fun and let me know if and how you use this!

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