Saturday, June 22, 2013

ESL Music Listening Activity - Reductions

Many students love English music and jump at the chance to hear it in class. Music is an awesome way to learn reductions, but many songs only use a few of them, which makes using a whole song very difficult or not useful.   I was able to solve this problem pretty easily by using a cool website called Hashcut. I mashed a bunch of parts of songs with reductions.

This allowed me to get only the parts that I wanted from those songs, which makes the students focus only on the content area that I want them to focus on. This mashup included songs from many decades like the Beatles, Rick Astley, Black Eyed Peas, Gotye, and more.  Most students are sure to know at least a couple of them.

You can first download the worksheet for this activity here. Then, play the video below to do the activity with students.

Access the mashup here: REDUCTIONS MASHUP



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