Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free US Streaming World Cup on College and Military WiFi Networks

The World Cup is a great chance for students to practice listening to English and watching a sport they love. The fervor amongst foreign students is palpable, and ESL teachers would not be wise to ignore the possibilities that the World Cup offers for English training and practice.

Today, I was using my iPad on the university WiFi, and I was able to log in and watch ESPN's coverage of the World Cup without logging in through a cable provider. The network seems to also allow free coverage through military WiFi as well. Why not create a class activity or fun recreational activity around the game on campus? In the student lounge?  At the campus cafe?

Click  to watch the World Cup streaming coverage.

This link may work for other places as well, but I only know that it works on educational institution and military networks. It also seems that they have made available previously played games to watch.

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