Monday, December 1, 2014

ESL Video Discussion - #AmeriCAN - Racism

In the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting of Michael Brown and the chaos that has ensued, many Americans are asking questions about race, the police, education, and power.  While looking to find a good video that showed both sides of the story on the shooting, I found that there were really no great sources that sufficiently showed enough detail for both sides at the same time.

Therefore, I looked to a fiction story that really helped to send a message about race that hits home no matter which side of the fence one may be sitting on with this issue.  Please consider using this in your discussions for your ESL class.

This discussion focuses on facts, inferences, and unreal conditionals.  I believe that a video like this can help to open up interesting and helpful conversation where there are usually only inflamed rhetoric and emotional judgments.

CAUTION: This video is quite emotional and may be difficult for some students to watch. You should absolutely pre-watch this to ensure its appropriateness for your class. 

I recommend that each class/person WATCH the video first, then look at the question sheet, so there are no spoilers!

#AmeriCAN Downloadable Worksheet

Pre -Discussion:

  1. What is racism?
  2. Why does racism exist?
  3. What makes people dislike each other?
  4. In your opinion, how can the problem of racism be solved?

#AmeriCAN - Short Film from #AmeriCAN on Vimeo.

Post Discussion: Use the worksheet for post-discussion.

#AmeriCAN Downloadable Worksheet

I recommend that each class/person WATCH the video first, then look at the question sheet, so there are no spoilers!


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