Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ESL Video Discussion - Cell Phones, Good or Bad?

This series of ESL listening and discussion posts will give students and teachers something to talk about. I love to use short films to spur discussion and helps students to think critically about culture, technology, education, relationships and more. These posts are an effort to engage students in group discussion. Most of the videos I will post will be less than 10 minutes. They will come some discussion questions, but teachers can easily adapt the questions to their lessons.

The topic of this short film called "Glue" is cell phones and their effect on relationships. Most of my students can relate to this idea and think this video is hilarious. I think you will too. It's a great conversation starter and a really good concept.

Preview Questions:

  1. How do you feel about your cell phone?
  2. Would you ever give it up? Why or why not?
  3. What would you give it up for?

Glue from Bo Mirosseni on Vimeo.

After watching:

  1. How would you have reacted if someone you loved had smashed your cell phone?
  2. Would you forgive that person?
  3. Would you have done the same thing that the man did in the video? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think technology brings us closer in relationships or pulls us apart?
I hope you enjoyed this video. I will be posting more of these discussions with videos in the same format with pre and post video questions.


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