Monday, July 21, 2014

Search Multiple Sites for Free, Reusable Digital Content with This Site...

Image Credit: Free Content, Matthias Mehldau

Want to make a project without the headache of copyright infringement?  Welcome to a great site that allows you to search through multiple sites for creative commons license digital media such as video, music, pictures, and more! Great for teachers and students alike.

Try This Trick to Get Rid of All Facebook Game and App Invites...

Image Credit: Freedom/Libertad by Jesus Solana

The only thing that annoys me more than fingernails on a chalkboard and seagulls pooping on my car is getting all those wretched game invitations on Facebook ( forgive me gamer friends). Here's how to end the tyranny of invites to be a crime boss, harvest virtual carrots, or crush weird jelly bean-like candies. 

1. Go to settings

2.  Go to "blocking"

3. Either block invites from people or from apps. I find that apps works better, so that way no one can send you an invite for those particular games. Facebook auto finds as you type, so pick the invites you get the most and type away!

4. Dance in the freedom you now possess as the shackles of gamehood fall to your feet and your notifications are liberated.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Youtube English Class Lesson - Simple Present verbs - Optical Illusions

Use this optical illusion video in the classroom to discuss in the simple present.

  • What happens in the video that is surprising?
  • Why are you surprised by what happens?
  • Name 3 things that change in the video. 
  • Example :  "The man moves closer to the picture..."
  • What happens when you look at things from different angles?

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