Monday, June 18, 2012

Best English Listening Websites

Here is a quick run down of all of my favorite listening websites for English learners.  Please be sure to check out my top ESL listening activities here on the ESL Commando too!  Enjoy!
  1. ELLLO - English Listening Lab Online. 
  2. Randall's Lab - Great Main Ideas and cloze exercises
  3. Lyrics Training - Learn English through songs. Check out my full review HERE. 
  4. ESL Video - Learn English through TV and movie clips.
  5. Vocabulary and Spelling City - Listening/Spelling Practice and more!
  6. Many Things - Great for pronunciation and listening for vowels and consonants.
  7. Movie Segments for Warm Ups Follow Ups - Great classroom listening for a group.
  8. Movie Segments for Assessing Grammar Goals - Listening for grammar points in a classroom. 
  9. Listen and Write - Full and Partial Cloze Exercises based on interviews, music, movies, etc.
  10. VOA Special English - Modified English Listening for different levels based on interesting news stories.
  11. BBC Learning English - A great resource with listening, grammar, pronunciation, and classroom exercises. Great for teachers and students alike. 
  12. ESL Commando - If I do say so myself. Many grammar, writing, and pronunciation tutorials for all ESL students. Check out my new resource, English Video Discussions for great short videos that students and teachers can use to create discussions. 
  13. British Council - A lot of interesting activities and video clips to help learn British English.
  14. Breaking News English - Very good listening activities for the classroom. Entire lesson plans, guides, and student packets available. 
  15. English Central - Practice with pronunciation and listening to TV clips.
  16. VoScreen - Great practice to translate English listening to your native language. Not all native language are supported, but most Indo-European languages and Arabic are.  
  17. PBS Video - Excellent listening practice to learn how Americans (and some British) speak for both teachers and students. Many videos on FRONTLINE have teaching lessons associated with them and transcripts (written words) for the videos. Best of all, it is all free! 
  18. Engvid - Great English instructional videos, quizzes, and practice! 
  19. Rachel's English - a very popular and helpful listening and pronunciation site for ESL learners with great tips and information.
  20. Iowa State Pronunciation Guide  - Practice listening to how all of the vowels and consonants sound in English. 
  21. Duolingo - Start in your native language and play games, get points, increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation too!
  22. Memrise - Similar to Duolingo, but has some different features you may like!
  23. Learning Chocolate - A basic, but fun English learning website that lets you practice listening with vocabulary. 
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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Lee

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  3. Mark, so sorry, I pressed delete instead of reply by mistake. The BBC site, , looks like a great resource, and I will take a look at it and probably add it to the list! Thanks a lot! Phil


  5. Hi Phil
    I thought you might be interested in my new mobile website, Mimic is bite-sized conversation snippets that can be accessed on a mobile phone, allowing students to get lots of exposure to native speakers wherever they are.

    Thanks! I would love to hear what you think of the site.

    --Wayne Clifford

    1. Wayne, Your concept looks great! Is this a mobile app for iOS or Android? Also, I found the site was asking me to download RealPlayer. Is that necessary?

      One more thing. It might be nice to have all of the videos in a directory by topic or have a gallery with all of the videos. Just a suggestion.

      Ultimately, I really like the idea and would recommend your product to readers and my students as well.

  6. This is a site I stumbled across when I was looking for material for my advanced students here in Japan. They have news articles written in intermediate level English which they read in two speeds: very slowly and natural speed. It is based in Japan so there are popup definitions in Japanese. Check it out. My students have been enjoying as well.

  7. Sounds great, what is the name of the site?

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