Saturday, February 24, 2018

English Video Discussion - Ocean Pollution

By some estimates, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. Watch this video and discuss how these students are starting to help save the oceans.

Keyword: Styrofoam - material used for cups/containers (Seen below)

  1. Do you have a recycling program in your town?
  2. Do you think most people use it?
  3. Where do you think most plastic ends up after it is used?

  1. Why did the animals eat plastic?
  2. What was the material that the speakers were the most worried about?
  3. How did the kids help to clean up the beach area?
  4. What could we do to prevent this kind of pollution? In a pair/group, come up with three possible solutions. 
What do you think? Please leave a comment on the video below! Start a discussion here on the ESL Commando!


  1. Everyone who is visiting beach or ocean area is equally responsible of ocean pollution and ever increasing use of plastic. It is alarming to marine life as well as for our globe. I have read 6 Super Effective Tips to Be a Great Leader so that I can guide the people of my town how to clean our surroundings.

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